“We’re living in an age where consumers are becoming more conscious in not only what they buy, but why they support from the brands they do.

Employees are now choosing to work for companies that share a common purpose and values set which inspires them to do their best work, which in turn drives profit.”

Skott Taylor – Founder / Director of NewSeed


The Power of Purpose

The days of treating employees simply as resources are dying out and now more than ever we’re seeing the importance of attracting and retaining the best available talent.

The numbers don’t lie.
When your team believes and are motivated, they produce.

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We Are NewSeed

We believe in the power of purpose.
That for businesses to attract and inspire their tribe, they need to stand for something.

Find out more about who NewSeed is, what our dna is made of and who we’ve had the pleasure of worked with along the way.

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NewSeed Activates Culture

We get it, the world can be a pretty stressful place. That being said, there’s nowhere that says that business has to be taken so seriously.

We’ve developed unique arts-based culture solutions that are active and inspire the positive character of your organisation to thrive.

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Invest in Culture

Healthy culture doesn’t happen overnight so we choose to work long-term with a select roster of amazing clients.

We build bespoke culture solutions that combine our knowledge of culture best practice with our unique, arts-based activation techniques.

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